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Residential Roofing

What is your McKinney home without a working roof? Roofs are tricky because they are, besides the foundation, one of the most important pieces of your home and even the slightest damage can cause a much more serious problems in the future. Without your roof in good condition, your home’s energy efficiency will decrease as will its ability to protect your family from the elements. Not to mention, the overall esthetic value and curb appeal will plummet if you don’t have a reliable roof.

Mckinney | Plano


Whether you are a local resident or businessman in the Plano area, then you want to make sure that your residential or commercial property is as strong and stable as possible. The simple fact of the matter is that no building will stand the test of time if its roof isn’t up to scratch. So, if you want to make sure that your family and employees are as safe and protected as possible, then we at Kilker Roofing & Construction need to be the first number you call.

Mckinney | Plano

Commercial Roofing

By combining our wealth of experience with the latest and most technologically advanced roofing techniques, we can guarantee that your business will be provided with a roofing service like no other.