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Residential Roofing in McKinney

What is your McKinney home without a working roof? Roofs are tricky because they are, besides the foundation, one of the most important pieces of your home and even the slightest damage can cause a much more serious problems in the future. Without your roof in good condition, your home’s energy efficiency will decrease as will its ability to protect your family from the elements. Not to mention, the overall esthetic value and curb appeal will plummet if you don’t have a reliable roof.

A roof’s reliability is directly connected to the roofing contractors you choose. A roof that’s been improperly installed or provided with inferior repairs is going to be more susceptible to damage in the future. Picking a roofing contractor isn’t a decision that should be made lightly. Going with inexperienced or unreliable residential roofers could mean saving a few bucks today and paying through the nose in less than a year.

Rather than put your home, your most important asset, in jeopardy, call Kilker Roofing & Construction today at (214) 471-6210. For several years, Kilker Roofing & Construction has been providing exceptional residential roofing services to McKinney homeowners. No matter the roofing service you require, you can count on Kilker Roofing & Construction’s fully licensed and bonded residential roofers to apply their years of experience.

So, whatever your home’s roof needs, call (214) 471-6210 and get the best roofers in McKinney on the case.

Residential RoofInspections

If you are about to buy a home or it’s been a while since an expert has taken a look at what’s going on over your head, it’s worth calling Kilker Roofing & Construction so that we can come conduct a roof inspection.

Roof inspections are one of the best things for homeowners in the McKinney area because our roofers will determine the state your roof is in. We’ll either see that it’s in good shape, requiring routine maintenance, important repairs or a full replacement. Either way, letting us see for ourselves what we are up against can make applying the solution much easier.

Residential RoofRepairs

Roofs are subjected to a lot of wear and tear from the elements and eventually will need a shot in the arm from professional roofers. No matter whether the damage was caused by wind, hail, heavy rain, falling branches or exposure to UV rays, we guarantee our roofing experts can find a cost-effective solution that’s built to last.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the roofing trade, there isn’t a type of roof we aren’t familiar with. So, whether your home uses a traditional asphalt shingle roofing system, a metal roof or slate shingles, rest assured knowing that we have the ability to provide it with exceptional repairs.

As soon as you notice any type of leak or a missing shingles, give us a call.

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Roofing issues have a way of getting exponentially worse if not dealt with in a timely manner. So, if you suspect that there’s something wrong with your roof, don’t put off calling (214) 471-6210 to speak to the roofing experts at Kilker Roofing & Construction today.