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Roofing – To Repair Or Replace?

Roofing – To Repair Or Replace?

For many home-owners, the decision on whether to repair of replace a Roof on an older property can be a tough one. Though replacement can be quite expensive, a repair job can end up simply delaying the inevitable. Roofing materials can vary greatly in price due to the materials themselves as well as the location. Whereas in southern California ceramic and clay tile is all the rage, you will be hard pressed to find these types of Roofs in say, areas of New England where slate Roofs are king. In this article, we will identify certain problems and offer tips and advice in determining whether to move forward with either option.

Wind damage is perhaps the most obvious repair. In this instance, dark spots can become apparent on ceilings leading to water drips, which may damage the interior of the home. Another issue involves ice dams in which melting water finds its way underneath the edge of the Roof, causing damage to the deck and even pushing the edges up.

If a Roof is fairly new, it may still be under warranty. In this case, a contractor should be called in for a repair. Likewise, those looking into purchasing a new home should always check to see that the Roof has been recently replaced.

A good rule to follow is this: Once 1/3 of any Roof is damaged, replacement is the best option. A list of factors to consider when determining whether you should move forward are:

-Blisters on ceilings or interior walls
-Discoloration and water damage in crawl spaces or attic areas
-Rotten or sagging soffits
-Shingles which are curled or cracked
-Algae buildup
-Rise in energy bills during the winter

As mentioned prior, certain materials should be used in designated areas of the country. In the southern part of the US, Roofs are designed in order to withstand hurricane winds and storms using hurricane straps. Slate Roofs are most common in the northern US, and clay or tile is used primarily in the pacific and southwestern areas.

Hopefully you’re better able to determine a good plan of action when considering your homes next Roofing project. Though many minor repairs can be done by the homeowners themselves, larger projects should always be left to a skilled professional. Do the research and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have. The decision could mean the difference between a minor repair, and a full blown replacement.



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