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Hail’s Effects on Roofs and Hail Resistant Roofing Options

Hail’s Effects on Roofs and Hail Resistant Roofing Options

After a hail storm it is advisable to call a Roofing professional to come out and inspect your home. Hail damage to a home can sometimes be hard to detect because it most often occurs on Roofs and cannot be seen from the ground.

A trained Roofing professional can inspect all the damage prone area of a home including the Roof, gutters, fences, windows, and Siding. Even smaller sized hail can damage your Roof. In most instances hail will not cause your Roof to leak immediately instead the hair wears your Roof down accelerating the aging process.

Following a hail storm many Roofers offer a free Roof inspection. The Roofer will inspect the Roof much like an insurance adjuster and tell you if you have sustained damage that would make it wise to contact your insurance agent to file a claim.

Hail Resistant Roofing

If you are buying a new home or replacing an existing Roof you should consider using hail resistant Roofing materials. No Roof can be hail-pRoof; however, using hail resistant materials can help protect your home in the event of a storm.

Hail resistant Roofing is classified on a scale from one to four with four being the most resistant. The materials are tested by dropping a steel ball from various heights and measuring what damage the Roof sustains after impact.

Many Roofs come with a rating on this scale. If you install a Roof with a high class rating, you may be able to apply for a lower insurance premium. Class four products are made of copper, plastic, resin, and modified asphalt shingles. Modified asphalt shingles are stronger more durable than standard shingles.
These shingles have a rubber-like quality that protects them from the strong impacts hail storms can inflict on a Roof. The material prevents premature deterioration from storms. Impact resistant materials can with stand up to a 110 mile per hour wind for a prolonged period of time. They bend with the wind and settle back into their position when the storm passes.

Home owners in the South West/ Mid-West should consider speaking with their Roofer and insurance agent about hail resistant Roofing. By installing a hail ready Roof the homeowner can help save money on insurance premiums and increase the life expectancy of their Roof.


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